Kiiskilä manor

400 years of history
Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg

A unique restoration project of an old manor in the Podberezie village near Vyborg
Chronicles since 1562. Main building from 1816. Revival since 2016
A story of growth, triumph, death, and rebirth

Good to know
Leningrad region, Vyborg district, Podberezye

Open: all week except Tuesday, from 9:00 till 18:00

Phone: +79313973470
Restoration work continues on the territory of the manor, so for now we can only accept visitors as part of a guided tour.

Every day our guides conduct tour at 12:30. The duration of the program is 2 hours.

The maximum number of visitors in a group is 30 people. Please book your visit in advance. The manor is located on the territory of the border zone. Don't forget to take your passport with you and inform us about your visit in advance. We have to inform the Border control service about your visit to make the trip easy

Entrance ticket with a guided tour - 800 rubles.
Children under 12 years old - admission is free

Private tours
It is possible to organise an individual private tour at a time convenient for you. Call us for additional information.

About the Kiiskilä manor
Wonders of history: from Catherine II to the revival in the XXI century
There are many amazing twists and turns in the history of Kiiskilä. The first mention of the manor dates back to 1562. In 1816, the owner of the manor, Friedrich Dannenberg, built the main house according to the design of the French architect Villiers. Friedrich's daughter, Julia Dorothea, bound herself with Leopold Krohn - the son of the first Russian industrial brewer Abraham Krohn, whose professional success is associated with Empress Catherine II. In the next two centuries, the main building of the estate went through being a family nest, a home for the disabled, a military hospital, an orphanage, and a pioneer camp. In 2016 the efforts of a well-known Russian surgeon Ilya Sleptsov gave the manor a second life. A thorough restoration of the main building began. The goal of the project is creating a cultural centre, museum and exhibition complex in the manor. Visit Kiiskilä and get to know its amazing history, architecture and surroundings!
Location of the manor
Only 16 km from the Vyborg railway station. 20 minutes by car or bus.
Historical buildings, a landscape park, new buildings in the authentic style of Finnish wooden architecture, the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Finland, all filled with amazing stories for adults and children
A 200-year-old two-story manor house with an extensive granite cellar and impressive tiled stoves. The building houses the museum of the history of the estate, the exposition "The Lost Manors of the Vyborg District", and an art exhibition
Main building of Kiiskilä manor - the northern facade
Granite cellar
An old cellar made of granite blocks, carefully restored in 2018
Ancient granite cellar in Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg
Gazebo in the park
A gazebo in the manor park that was restored according to old photos
Restored according to old photos gazebo in Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg
The guard house
The building at the entrance to the estate, designed by Moscow architect Valentina Kokoreva
The guard house at the entrance to Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg
The yellow house
The building on the bank of the river Ershikha (Kiiskijöki) with open terraces and a descent to the water.
The yellow house on the bank of the river, Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg
The blue house
An authentic house restored according to historical drawings with a unique window decor
The blue house in Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg
The shop
While a pioneer summer camp was situated at the manor, this building functioned as a first-aid post. After undergoing a reconstruction, the building became a souvenir shop
The current shop building in Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg
The river pond
A pond on the Kiiskijöki river with a lock preserved from old Finnish times; a bridge made of granite blocks; a picturesque house and a gazebo on the shore
The pond on the river in Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg
Kiiskijoki River
The Ershikha River or (fin.) Kiiskijöki (which means the Ruff river) with the manor buildings placed on its banks leaves an unforgettable impression
Kiiskijoki river flows through the territory of Kiiskilä manor, Vyborg
The Four Seasons of Kiiskilä manor
Historical buildings, a landscape park, new buildings in the authentic style of Finnish wooden architecture, and the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Finland remain beautiful throughout the year
Services at the manor
Shuttle bus to the manor
A bus from the Vyborg railway station to Kiiskilä
Guided tours
Tours around the manor: the history of Kiiskilä and its revival, interesting facts about the people whose lives were connected to the manor
Tasting of the signature manor beer, a talk about brewing technologies and the history of brewery in Russia
Exhibitions of art works related to the manor
Information for guests
Visit the Kiiskilä manor
Russia, Leningrad region, Vyborg district, Podberezye
Pnone: +79313973470
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